Walking The Maze – Loren Cruden


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The Enduring Presence of the Celtic Spirit

In a country populated by immigrants, slaves, and their descendants, we are all displaced people, searching for roots and a sense of belonging. Americans often eschew the ways of their cultural heritage for Buddhist or Native American practices, yet the bloodlines from which we were born have traditions and rituals every bit as rich and profound. In Walking the Maze Loren Cruden explores Celtic culture both in relationship to Native ways of life and in its own light and strength, examining the attributes that define and sustain the vitality of the Celtic Spirit.

LOREN CRUDEN, a midwife and herbal healer of Scottish descent, worked for many years with a Potawatomie medicine man to develop her personal spiritual practice. She leads workshops on indigenous spirituality throughout the United States and Britain. She is the author of The Spirit of Place, Compass of the Heart, Coyote’s Council Fire, and Medicine Grove: A Shamanic Herbal. She lives on First Thought Mountain in Washington state.

Paperback, 239 pages