The Hidden Maya – Martin Brennan


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This groundbreaking new book by the author of The Stones of Time “cracks the code” of the ancient Maya glyphs. From his research of Plains Indians’ handsigns, author and artist Martin Brennan shows that the hand gestures in Maya artwork are the very roots of their language. In more than two hundred drawings, he deciphers these handsigns and brings us to a new understanding of the soul and spirit of the Maya.

Martin Brennan trained in visual communication at Pratt Institute. He has travelled extensively in Mexico where his interests in prehistoric rock inscriptions, ritual, and traditional art developed. Spending more than a decade in Ireland engaged in active research on megalithic art, he tapped into some of the earliest methods of recording numbers and the fundamental beginnings of writing, and reported these startling discoveries in his critically acclaimed The Stars and The Stones, later reissued as The Stones of Time. He lives and teaches in Boulder, Colorado.

Paperback, 273 pages