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Stonehenge is the most famous megalithic structure in the world. Instantly recognizable but infinitely mysterious, nobody knows what it is or why it was built.

In trying to find the answers each succeeding century has rebuilt the stones in its own image, making them by turns romantic, scientific, counter cultural. Stonehenge is woven into the earliest Arthurian legends and the latest archeological theories. It has been invoked by town planners, analyzed by astronomers and become the spiritual home of the Druids. The legends of the stones have travelled out through space and time until they can be found in many places far from Salisbury Plain. There are replicas from New Zealand to Nebraska. Their spirit haunts William Blake’s Jerusalem¬†and they can be glimpsed, if you know what to look for, in Piccadilly Circus.

Rosemary Hill makes no attempt to solve the enigma of Stonehenge. What is meant to its creators we can never know. This is a book about what it has meant to us, through recorded history, and what it means today when, after more than five thousand years, its future is once again in doubt.

Hardback, 241 pages