Shoti Maa Touch the Ground organic herbal tea


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Product Description

00% organic infusion with honeybush, aniseed and sage as main ingredients (16 tea bags).
‘Touch the Ground’ tea provides support and balance to the earth element, which keeps us in touch with the physical world we live in.
This is a great tea to use to avoid feeling spaced out or too airy. Take a few minutes to enjoy a lovely cup of tea, and experience the balancing effects of our line of teas.
The Five Elements collection
Modern life can send the mind reeling. There is just so much to keep track of. To keep the feeling of being connected to the land, we can walk barefoot on the ground – to be connected to our mother Earth – to be Grounded. For Life.
Ingredients: Aniseed* (20%), cinnamon*, honeybush* (10%), fennel*, ginger*, coriander*, sage* (5%), lavender flowers*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves* (* = organic).