Palo Santo Spirit water-221mls


Palo Santo Spirit Water is much like Florida Water and has similar cleansing, blessing and protection properties. Palo Santo is unique to South America. It has a woody Floral Fragrance. Palo Santo is known as the ‘Holy Grail’ or ‘Holy Water’ from the ‘Sacred Tree’. This holds special significance in Shamanic practices and is revered for its complexity and effects on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Origin: Peru-Bolivia Factories
Size: 221ml
Unique bottle shape (unlikely to be updated to glass)
Shaman have a variety of ways in cleansing the field, we would advise using this in conjunction with an atomiser and glass bottle. (Sold separately)

Used for uplifting the spirits, deep cleansing and powerful protection
Often used as an aid in many kinds of meditative practices and many people report that it stimulates the “3rd eye” and the pineal gland
It has a strong woody aroma with a citrus undertone and its presence can definitely be felt in a room.
The Palo Santo Water is especially recommended for spiritual, ritual and ceremonial work.
Also, when you have big heavy energy to cleanse, this is your go to Water. The aroma and energetic properties may be too strong for some people, so take care when that may be a consideration.
If you have a strong resonance with the aroma and energetic properties of Palo Santo, we recommend using our Palo Santo Water with our Palo Santo sticks, which are burned to purify and protect with smoke. Palo Santo sticks can be found in our Sacred Sprays section under Incense and Herbs.
These sacred trees are endangered and their environment threatened, so as part of Sacred Essence’s commitment to conservation, our Palo Santo products are sustainably harvested from naturally fallen trees.
The aromatic woody scent of the Palo Santo is considered to be one of if not the best heavy energy cleanse around.
Made in Peru.
Compliments with the sacred palo santo incense sticks.
Ideal for personal / general space clearing and cleansing auras and energetic field.
Great to use in an atomiser spray bottle with its cleansing and uplifting effect!

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Product Description

221 mls plastic Bottle
Brand: Lanman & Kemp