Orgonite Pendant Archangel Raphael


Orgon means life energy (chi, ether or prana). Orgonite is a composition of crystal, resin and metal. It protects against harmful (electromagnetic) radiation and other energy pollution. Orgonite has a general relaxing effect and promotes physical and spiritual health.(*)
The orgone pendant is specially made to balance your energy field (aura). By wearing an orgone pendant you can become calmer, experience less stress and keep energies of other people away. The pendant can be worn in your pocket or under the pillow, as long as it keeps in touch with your aura. In order to activate the orgone pendant hold it at least for 20 seconds in your hands.
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Product Description

Archangel Raphael
Invoke the help of Archangel Raphael for help with healing, creativity, truth & vision.
Call upon his help with any healing work and for help to dissolve negative blockages that cause illness. He will also help you to develop Vision & Inner Knowing through the development of the sixth chakra (Third Eye).*