Miracles appear when loved ones are near – Ciara O’Malley


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This book is intended to uplift and inspire others to seek their own inner strength and courage in the face of adversity. Ciara’s gifted journey can help empower others to ensure they maintain hope and faith even when faced with the worst possible challenges. Miracles do happen and we are guided, loved and protected by our passed on loved ones. Ciara’s message is that our loved ones never truly leave and will do anything to connect with us. Each of us has everything within to heal¬† and grow as people. Somehow, life can, once again, start to be magical.

After losing her beloved partner, David, to a tragic drowning accident, life as Ciara knew it, seemed over and her world came crashing down. To make her life even more complicated, David’s body was missing.

Ciara O’Malley id from Mayo. Ciara is an Author, Reiki Practitioner and Heal Your Life teacher. She also has extensive experience working with young people. Ciara is passionate about empowering others to embark on their own self-healing journey. Through her personal experience, Ciara is a believer that you can gain growth from all of life’s challenges.

Paperback –¬†219 pages