Medicine Buddha 14cm


The Medicine Buddha (in Sanskrit: Bhaisajyagura) represents the healing aspect of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni. His colour of visualization is blue, like lapis lazuli. In his right hand he holds a branch of the Myrobalan plant, in his left hand he holds a bowl filled with medicinal nectar.
The Medicine Buddha represents the overcoming of the three 'poisons': attachment, hatred and ignorance. These negative states of mind lead to disturbances in the wind, bile, and phlem energies of the body and by that physical and mental symptoms – and eventually sicknesses – arise.
By meditating on the Medicine Buddha's virtues (by mantra recitation and visualisation), the inner enregies get balanced and this has a positive effect on both body and mind.



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Handmade and hand painted by craftsman in Nepal.Handmade and hand painted by craftsman in Nepal.