Drawing Down the Spirits – Kenaz Filan & Raven Kaldera


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The Traditions and Techniques of Spirit Possession

Drawing Down the Spirits presents an insider’s view of the inner workings, sacred traditions, and prevalence of spirit possession existing in our modern world. Spirit possession is an integral part of shamanism as well as many neo-pagan forms of worship that draw down deities or invite spirit possession. However, spirit possession is not for the unprepared. In Drawing Down the Spirits, Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera, both initiated and experienced in shamanic and Vodou traditions, present the practical guidance needed to participate in ritual possession.

KENAZ FILAN (Houngan Coquille de Mer) was initiated in Societe la Belle Venus in March 2003 after 10 years of solitary service to the Haitian Vodou Lwa. The managing editor of newWitch magazine, Filan is the author of The Haitian Vodou Handbook and Vodou Love Magic and lives in New York City. RAVEN KALDERA is a Northern Tradition Pagan shaman and lives is Massachusetts.

Paperback, 324 pages