Colonia de Rosas (Rose Water)-Murray & Lanman


Rose / ROSA Spirit Water is similar to Florida Water and also has cleansing, blessing and protection properties. Rosa Water has a rich floral fragrance of rose. This is used by shaman in different ways. But in common to sing the spirit back into balance. Jungle shaman use it to cleanse after healing sessions wiping the body down and spritzing it. It helps to centre and bring one back to the heart.

  • Origin: Peru-Bolivia Factories
  • Size: 221ml
  • Unique bottle shape with no update when and if it will be updated to glass.
  • Shaman’s have a variety of ways in cleansing the field, we would advise using this in conjunction with an atomiser and glass bottle. (Sold separately).
  • Rose is considered a tonic for the heart and is noted for its effects on this centre of your emotional well being. Rose energy nourishes the heart and is an excellent choice for spraying around your personal space & environment.
  • Use to cleanse & restore, when dealing with strong emotion, bringing back to heart. Choose Rosa Spirit Water when you feel wounded, are grieving a loss or are longing for love. The aroma and energetics can bring warmth to the soul and help to process feelings and restore balance and peace
  • Rosa Spirit Water would also be an excellent choice for attracting love and holding “love energy” in your space and around your being

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