Carl Greer “Change your story, change your life”


Change Your Story, Change Your Life is a practical self-help guide to personal transformation using traditional shamanic techniques combined with journaling and Carl Greer’s method for dialoguing that draws upon Jungian active imagination.

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Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation

We each have a life story, but what can we do to change it for the better? In this practical guide to personal transformation, Jungian analyst and shamanic practitioner Carl Greer blends both traditions. He offers techniques for working with archetypal energies, inner figures, and symbols encountered when doing shamanic journeying, engaging in ritual or ceremony, dreaming – or when in nature. These techniques will inspire you to tap into your unconscious mind to access your innate power to Change Your story, Change Your Life.

Paperback, 221 pages