Aromafume Myrrh essential oil


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Product Description

Aromafume natural Myrrh resin essential oil blend for aroma diffusion.
Cleansing | Revitalising | Calming
Aromatic qualities: Earthy smokey & sweet

Myrrh is a reddish-brown resin from the Myrrha Commiphora tree. It was an integral component of the holy incense ritual in Jerusalem’s sacred spaces during ancient times. There was a time when Myrrh was worth more than its weight in Gold. Its rampant medical and aromatic usage across ancient cultures made Myrrh a thriving trading commodity for ancient civilizations.

Packaging: Glass bottle in cardboard box. Information in English, flyer included in Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Made in: India.

This essential diffuser oil can be used in different ways:
– Evaporate with an Aromafume Oil Burner
– Diffuse with an Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser
– Evaporate with a soapstone oil burner
– Sprinkle a few drops on an Aroma stone

Product specifications
Natural essential oil for aroma diffusion
With IFRA compliant fine aromatic ingredients
Glass bottle of 10 ml
Shelf life after opening: ± 2 years
Store in a cool and dark place
Keep out of the reach of children and pets
Use in a well ventilated area